Aesthetic is all about letting you paint with words.

You enter a prompt—that's just a text description of the art you want to create—and Aesthetic will serve up a collection of unique images.

While those images are frequently impressive, sometimes they may be far from what you imagined. If you're new to tools like Aesthetic, this may seem both magical and mystifying.

This guide is for those who are new to the world of image generation and want to learn how to get great results. Follow the tips below to get the best possible art out of Aesthetic.

1. Start with a well-known subject

Aesthetic works best when you search for well-known things—like black cat with blue flowers. Think of it like a game of Pictionary: Common objects and creatures tend to be easiest to draw. Of course, it's always worth experimenting (see below), but this is a good place to start.

2. Avoid the abstract

While you may find some interesting images by searching for abstract ideas (like hope) or non-visible descriptions (like smart), those results are likely to be mixed in terms of content and inconsistent in terms of quality.

3. Odd pairings may give odd results

While it's fun to search for unlikely pairings like a cat playing tennis, this may or may not not work. If there's no concrete precedent for the idea you're envisioning, the results you get could be incredible—but may end up off-base.

4. If you want a specific style, include it

Aesthetic will automatically show you images in a variety of styles. However, that doesn't mean you can't hint at the type of image you're looking for—for example, watercolor. Add terms like vivid colors and hyperrealistic to tweak your results.

5. Include hints about the environment

Who wants a sycamore when you can have a sycamore in autumn? Adding environmental cues and colorful descriptions can dramatically improve the quality of the images that Aesthetic produces.

6. Keep in mind that word order matters

The more important parts of your search should come first. A good prompt format to keep in mind is subject, action, environment, style. For example: tabby cat as a baker, making apple pie. the cat is in a castle. humorous, cute, realistic.

7. Be open to exploring

Sometimes just one or two images from a set of results will have the particular qualities you're looking for. When you find one that comes close, try clicking the “Create More Like This” button to explore variations on that particular image. This is like telling Aesthetic You're getting warmer…

8. Try, try again

The first few times you use Aesthetic, you might find it tricky. But you'll soon find that, by modifying your searches, you'll gain an intuitive understanding of how to elicit better results. Think of each search less as a transaction, and more as a conversation.

9. Experiment!

The tech that powers Aesthetic is so new that it's no exaggeration to say you're one of the first humans to work with it. Don't be afraid to try some offbeat ideas. You might discover something beautiful!


Currently Aesthetic isn't always able to create the exact images that you may be looking for. Remember: Part of Aesthetic is exploring possibilities you may not have considered. Keep these limitations in mind when writing your prompt.


Unless the face you have in mind is of someone who is incredibly well-known—think world-famous, like Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson—your results won't be accurate. We're actively developing better results for uploaded face pics.


Aesthetic's army of robots aren't good at painting human hands. This is likely to improve in the near future, however. (You know, after the robots get through art school.)

Text, signs, symbols

Prompts asking for text will result in images with glyphs that look a lot like text, but turn out to be gibberish when you take a closer look. Stay tuned, though, because we're working on ways to let you add text to your images directly.

Positions, relations

You may get mixed results if you ask for something like an orange in front of a banana in a bowl. Aesthetic can usually figure out what you want to see, but may have trouble putting each element where you want (above, behind, etc).

NSFW content

Aesthetic has built-in safeguards to prevent the production of NSFW imagery.

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