Announcing Aesthetic’s $3.1M Seed Funding

Today we’re excited to announce Aesthetic’s $3.1M seed funding round, led by A.Capital with strategic investment from Y Combinator and co-investment from Paul Graham, SV Angel, Foundation Capital, Paul Bucheit, Geoff Ralston, Dalton Caldwell, Liquid2, Aaron Epstein, Adrian Aoun, Brian Pokorny, Sumon Sadhu, Tihomir Bajic, Brad Flora, Jack Krawczyk, Twenty Two Ventures and Nicolas Chinot.

It’s very humbling to assemble such a renowned group of investors around our mission of improving the user experience of the world by making every company more well designed. As a repeat team of founders, we’re incredibly grateful to also have many repeat investors from URX, including Y Combinator, SV Angel, PB, Geoff, Dalton, Liquid2 and Sumon.

Success isn’t a line but a curve, and no startup journey is predictable. The only true constant is the people you surround yourself with, and we’re very thankful for the care and support we’ve felt from our investors during our time working together. We’re using these funds to help accelerate our product development roadmap and double down on building our creative automation platform so we can truly capitalize on the opportunity we have in front of us.