We build NFT experiences.

Launch your brand into Web 3.0 with dynamic experiences & gamified interactions powered by NFTs. We'll steer you around the curves.

What we do

We're a full-service design & dev shop with deep experience in ML/AI, smart contracts, & NFTs. Our services include:

  • NFT brand design & copywriting
  • DApp development
  • Smart contract deployment
  • Oracle integration
  • Image generation
  • Metadata services
  • ML/AI systems
  • …And more. Contact us.

Looking for traditional design services? Our partner agency, CollabWest, can support your project!

Who we are

Our Brooklyn-based core team has built and sold multiple companies and lived on the bleeding edge of web technology for 10+ years.


Our monthly NFT jams bring artists, hackers, and other creatives together to collaborate on projects that explore the capabilities of NFTs.

July 2021

100 artists → 100 one-of-a-kind corpses

An NFT version of the well-known "exquisite corpse" surrealist art exercise. 25 artists will each draw a body that can be divided into three segments: head, torso, legs. Later, collectors will be able to purchase one of 25 unique "corpses"—the result of mixing a random draw from the pool of parts. No two corpses will be the same and each segment will be used in exactly one corpse.